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It’s easy to look at poorly-done taxidermy and think “Wow, this person has no idea what they’re doing. They should just stop.” However, in war-torn Palestine, Dr. Sami Khader, the “director, resident veterinarian, and self-taught taxidermist” at the zoo in Qalqilya has spent years preserving the remains of animals that have died at the zoo, from conflict injuries to starvation caused by resources being cut off to the area during the Second Intifada

During the conflict, he was left as the sole caretaker of all these animals, and despite his best efforts some passed away. As a way of preserving their memory, he did his best as an untrained taxidermist to mount and display them. He’s no pro, but his works remain as a solemn monument to the nonhuman victims of war. In a way, their grotesque appearances mirror the atrocities these conflicts create.

Dr. Khader still cares for the remaining living animals on what funding he can acquire, and he hopes that someday “this will just be a zoo, and you can come and write about the lions, not the intifada”. 

The above are my thoughts on this, but here’s the original article the pictures and info came from.

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